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Dr. Ashley is a miracle worker and an answer to many prayers! I started seeing her when I was 35 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. I had just found out that my baby was in a breech position. My OB had told me that my only option to deliver a breech baby was to have a c-section. I was beyond terrified to have a c-section and was recommended to Dr. Ashley. She was able to turn my breech baby into a head down position in just one visit! Thanks to Dr. Ashley and an incredible Midwife I was able to deliver that baby at home and everything turned out perfect! When I was pregnant with my 4th child I had the same issue of the baby turning breech at 35 weeks. Sure enough, just one visit to Dr. Ashley and she was able to turn that baby into a head down position as well allowing me to have another very successful home delivery! Dr. Ashley has also worked on my newborn babies helping them to nurse better, sleep better and poop better!! Dr. Ashley is kind, caring and always happy! She is such a knowledgeable and skilled chiropractor! I always look forward to my appointments with her and leave feeling so grateful for her services!

Tiffany P.

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